Welcome to our enchanted emporium, where dragons dance in the skies and their eggs pulse with untold magic. Alongside them, whimsical axolotls, turtles, and frogs frolic in enchanted ponds, each brimming with personality. Our 3D printed toys bring fantasy to life, inviting you to embark on enchanting adventures beyond imagination!

About Us

Hello there! I'm Cedric Sawall, a 38-year-old with a zest for life fueled by my newfound passion for 3D printing. My journey into the realm of crafting began shortly after a victorious battle with cancer in 2020, igniting a fervor for creativity and innovation within me.

While navigating through life's twists and turns, I discovered an affinity for fantasy and mythical creatures, which seamlessly melds with my love for 3D printing. In 2022, I embarked on a parallel path as a teacher's aide for K-6 grades, uncovering a deep-seated joy in working with children.

It was during this time that serendipity struck - as children flocked to my booths at local markets, enchanted by the recognition of teachers having lives outside of the school, and toys I had crafted, I realized my calling. With each creation, I keep the laughter and imagination of children in mind, ensuring my figures are not just whimsical but also sturdy, built to withstand the adventures of young minds.

My mission extends beyond mere craftsmanship; it's about fostering moments of wonder and joy in the hearts of children and adults alike, sparking their creativity and nurturing their imaginations through every novelty I create. Join me on this enchanting journey where fantasy meets reality, and together, let's weave tales of magic and adventure!